One kind word can change someone's day. One kind kidney donor can change
someone's life. My name is Constance
(Connie) and I need a kidney.
Living Kidney Donation

Give the gift of a kidney.

Normal Life with only 1 Kidney

Finances are a major issue for most potential donors.  Medical expenses related to the transplant, such as the cost of testing and surgery, are covered by my insurance. You should not have to pay for any medical expenses related to the transplant testing and surgery, so don't give your insurance information to Piedmont's transplant team.  Travel, living expenses, child care, and lost wages from taking time off for testing, surgery, and recovery are not covered; however, reasonable payments to you for travel, housing, and lost wages incurred by you in connection with the donation is allowed.  There is a US government-funded program, the National Living Donor Assistance Center that will cover non medical expenses and the Georgia Transplant Foundation has a financial assistance program for living donors.

Donation is covered by my Insurance

You will save my life by donating a kidney. Even if you are not a match, you can still help me receive a transplant. This is because of paired-kidney exchanges - an intricate process of mixing and matching recipients and their donors in an ever-widening pool until the right pairings are found..Prior to your donation, you will receive a thorough medical exam by Piedmont transplant team to evaluate your overall health and look for any unknown problems. Piedmont Hospital's transplant team wants to protect your health too! New surgical techniques allow doctors to remove a kidney using smaller incisions than ever before. Today's living kidney donors are usually out of the hospital within 2 days and back to work within a minimum of 2 weeks.
You can live a long and normal life with only one kidney. Prior to your donation, you will receive a thorough medical exam by Piedmont's Transplant Team to evaluate your overall health (physically and mentally) and look for any unknown problems. You must be in excellent health to be a living donor and Piedmont Hospital Transplant team would never schedule kidney donation if they find any health related problems. For two years after the kidney donation, Piedmont will keep check on you and your health. Piedmont transplant wants to protect your health, too! Medical research on the long-term effects of living kidney donaton has been conducted for the last 15 years and the medical studies suggest there are few if any health consequences from donating a kidney.