Zip-lining across the face of a cascading 30 foot waterfall…scuba diving to explore the undersea world of a coral reef…whitewater canoeing over a long series of drops and ledges…these are the things I did prior to losing my kidneys and being put on dialysis.  My name is Constance Johns and I need a generous angel to donate a living kidney and give me my life back! 

I’m 67 years young and live in Atlanta, Georgia.  At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (a common cause of kidney failure), which I have controlled quite well over the past 50+ years.  My 1st husband and I have a beautiful daughter and 3 precious, lively young grandchildren.  My 2nd husband, Michael, is the love of my life and soul mate.

I met Michael while paddling our solo canoes on the Cartecay River in Ellijay, Georgia.  We’ve been paddling together ever since.  We are both American Canoe Association certified whitewater canoe instructors and avid paddlers.  We’re also both certified scuba divers; however, because of my dialysis schedule (every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 5:10 AM to about 10 AM) out-of-town trips are out of the question!

I’ve been on the deceased donor wait list for over 4 years, and the wait time in Atlanta is 6 years.  The life expectancy for people on dialysis greatly diminishes after 5 years, so my need of a kidney from a living donor is extremely important.  Many family members and friends were tested to be my donor but all were disqualified.  PLEASE HELP ME!

Even if you are not a match for me after being tested to be my donor, you can still help me.  This is because of paired kidney exchanges – an intricate process of mixing and matching recipients and donors in an ever-widening pool until right pairings are found.  

Prior to your donation, you will receive a thorough medical exam by Piedmont Hospital’s transplant team to evaluate your overall health and look for any unknown problems.  If you can be my donor, please note that new minimally invasive approaches make it easier for you to recover.  New surgical techniques allow doctors to remove a kidney using smaller incisions than ever before.  Today’s living kidney donors are usually out of the hospital within 2 days and back toworkwithin a minimum of 2 weeks.

My insurance takes care of all testing and transplant-related medical bills.  Programs are available to help donors with transportation, lodging, meals and car rental.

Please save my life.  To be tested to be my donor, call Piedmont Hospital’s Transplant Donor Coordinator, Leanne Whitehead  - (404) 405-4605 or email –

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